Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


We originally had cancelled our courses due to the Covid crisis. We are now pleased to announce that we are now able to offer new after school and holiday  courses , which both comply with Government guidelines. 


Thanks to a very recent update of the Government's DfE Covid guidelines for Out of School Settings [OOSS], we are now able to proceed.

' Competitive training and play is now permitted, [from Aug 1] with social distancing in place before and after the matches, and in any breaks in play. Youth football coaches are encouraged to limit persistent close proximity of participants during match play and training. '

In order to comply with these guidelines and for additional mutual health security, we will be making major adjustments to the way in which our courses have operated in the past.


It is important that parents should note the following:


The club house is to be kept locked. There will be no toilets, water tap, shared shelters nor indoor facilities available. 

Children will not be allowed to attend both courses  [HOLIDAY COURSES ONLY]

We will use separate equipment for each course, apart from Goals. Equipment will be regularly cleaned. Even though we will play in the rain, no shared shelters will be used

Parents MUST COLLECT CHILDREN PROMPTLY after each session and observe social distancing on arrival/departure

Children must also bring a pair of clean gloves to each session, so they can all enjoy a goalkeeping experience during the skills sessions

Children will not bring packed lunches to eat during the courses, but may bring wrapped snacks and a drink for break. They should remove any gloves and hand sanitise before doing so, with their own, labelled sanitiser

[The sharing of goalkeeping gloves will not be allowed]


Parents will not be able to remain on site during the sessions, for reasons of both Child Protection and mutual health security

Social distancing will apply at all times.  We will have loads of games and matches, which will be skill, space creation and interception based. PLUS Our ever-popular PENALTY SHOOT OUT COMPETITION WILL BE UNAFFECTED!!

Parents are to keep all contact phones switched on. Covid related social distancing protocol will apply to all injuries, mishaps and potential illness. You will be contacted in case of injury or any signs of illness and be expected to pick up immediately

Children should not attend if they are displaying any symptoms of ill health

The groups will be limited in accordance with the guidance, therefore late applications will not be accommodated and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis

Fortunately, when I played football in France, we were continually immersed in training 'matches', which involved interception only, avoiding contact and tackling. I'm sure that the children will enjoy these along with the penalties and other [safe] skill based staples


In addition, each player will receive an ENGRAVED SKILLS AWARD TROPHY for course completion


Looking forward to a long overdue blast of footie fun.


"Most likeable yet firm teacher I have ever been taught by"


"My son loves his football with Richard and can't wait to go back each week"

"Fun but structured, competitive but technical.   Quality instruction, quality ethos."


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